TP-Link Router Technical Support

TP-Link Router technical support is a Chinese multinational company which manufactures a wide range of the of computer networking products.The company is founded in the year 1996, and Headquarters is located in the Shenzhen, Guangzhou. The company offers the best quality of TP-Link Router technical support products & services with the top-notch features. A TP-Link Router is a device which situated at gateways, the area where two or more networks connect and accomplish the traffic directing functions of the Internet. The Router is very useful devices for accessing the internet to home or business users. Some of the Router features are Easy Setup, Wireless Connectivity, Faster speed, robustness, etc. All these features give the users the best experience to work. But, if the users come across any sort of technical problem, then they can take TP-Link router technical support phone number, which is known for delivering the fast solution services. The tech support is highly preferred by the customer, across the world, due to providing the best solutions. Thus, tech support engineer’s can help the users to resolve TP-Link router worrisome difficulties easily.

TP-Link Router Problems

There are lots of TP-Link router problems, that users conflict, while using the TP-Link router. In the situation, the user can also approach to TP-Link router technical support team. Have a look at below list of problems.

  • TP-Link Router Installation and uninstallation
  • Router compatibility issue with multiple devices
  • Router setup and configuration issue
  • Firewall issue
  • Page not loading in the TP-Link Router
  • TP-Link Router speed and performance glitches
  • Changing administrator password in Router problem
  • TP-Link- Router Wireless network Setup and securing access issues
  • DNS Problem on TP-Link Router
  • TP-Link router not working after reset password
  • Wifi limited access or no internet connectivity
  • TP-Link Router not working and responding and so on

The Finest Solution For the TP-Link Router Technical Issues

All the above mention TP-Link Router issues, often hamper the customer's task and interrupt the process. Thus, to resolve such difficulty in a complete manner, the user could take TP-Link router tech support, team help. To obtain comprehensive support the users could get the best possible solutions to issues.

How to Configure TP-Link Router

If any users or you want to know that how to Configure TP-Link Router, so you can follow the below steps to fix it.

  • First of all, turn off your TP-Link Router, and Computer.
  • Then connect your computer to another LAN port by using the Ethernet cable, and then you must log into TP-Link Router web interface by entering the IP address is “”.
  • After opening the Router homepage, go to “Network” tab and then select “LAN” at the left side menu. Then you must change the TP-Link router LAN IP address to the same segment of the main router.
  • Hit on “OK” in order to reboot and then log in to a router page with the new IP address.
  • Next, go to “Wireless” tab and then you will move forward to “Wireless Settings” page. Then configure the Wireless Network name (also called as SSID) is “TP-Link _81C794”, the Band is “2.4G” and the Channel, you must select is “Auto”.
  • Then hit “Save” button.
  • Then go to “Wireless”, then “Wireless Security page” and then, configure the wireless security setting, choose “WPA/WPA2-Personal” radio button. IN the “Version” choose “WPA-PSK”, and in the Encryption, choose “AES” from the drop down menu list. And then the password of your router.
  • Select to”DHCP”, at the left side menu and then you must choose “disable” radio button in the DHCP Server. Then hit on “Save”.
  • Select “System Tools” and then you will forward the “Reboot page. Hit on “Reboot button.
  • Then you have to connect the main router to the LAN port on the TP-Link router by an Ethernet cable.Now you can use the Internet services.

You can also obtain the privilege of TP-Link router technical support to get step-by-step troubleshoot the problems.

How to Tech Support Professional's Help to Resolve The Issues in TP-Link Router?

TP-Link router tech support is one of the trustworthy and reliable team of the TP-Link router technical support provider’s, who is offering the most attractive ways to give the refined solutions to users at the very cost-effective rate. A team of the highly experienced, talented and experienced professional’s can provide dynamic resolutions to any type of technical glitches associated with TP-Link router. They know how to troubleshoot the technical obstacles with the use latest technology in a short time. So, the user can approach the experts anytime 24x7 days and can gain the extensive support to issues and TP-Link router technical support.

Why you should choose TP-Link Router Technical Support Technical?

  • 24x7 Phone support
  • Dedicated and experienced experts give the best Online Live Support
  • Email support
  • Remote technical support
  • Instant resolutions to any issue
  • 100% guaranteed solutions
  • Affordable and reliable solutions
  • TP-Link Router Technical Support
  • TP-Link Router Tech Support

Hence, to get more information or discuss any queries about TP-Link Router technical support, the users can connect with TP-Link router technical support anytime 24x7 days from anywhere.

Just follow these Steps and Makes Changes in The TP-Link Router!!

If the users want change the Wi-Fi TP link router password recovery or if they want to reset the router then the users just need to follow the below mentioned steps.

How to Change Wi-Fi TP-Link Router Password!

  • First of all the users need to open their web browser and in the address bar write the IP address of the router.
  • Then the users need to mention the default user name and also the password to log in.
  • the users then need to select on the option wireless from the menu that is at the left side of the screen.
  • Select on wireless settings from the sub menu that is displayed.
  • Now the users need to select on wireless security option so as to change the password.
  • Go to the wireless password field and change the password under the WPA2-PSK field.
  • Enter the new password and select on save.
  • Ones the password is changed, reboot the router.

How do I Reset My TP-Link Wireless Router!

  • Users can reset the wireless router by just pressing the reset button.
  • Turn on the router and press the WPS or the Reset button for few seconds till the flash light becomes dim.
  • Then just leave the power button and wait until the router reboots to the factory default settings.
  • Users can also reset it by the web based utility steps.
  • For this users need to go to the system tools option and from there go the factory defaults page.
  • Select on the restore button and wait till the router reboots itself.

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